The Simplest Piece of Equipment for a Full Six Pack

There are hundreds of ab specific exercises that can be done to get a six pack, but the easiest way may be by using a simple piece of equipment.

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Reinventing the wheel

The ab wheel is a very basic and inexpensive solution for creating a rock solid six pack from top to bottom. It works the abs, shoulders, and back all at once. The entire abdominal region is forced to stabilize throughout the push and pull. Simply rolling back and forth on the ab wheel is an all in one exercise that provides great benefits to not only your abdominals, but your whole upper body.

six pack abs wheel

How to use the ab wheel

The ab wheel must be used correctly to produce the kind of results that are desired. Kneel down and start by placing the wheel below your shoulders on the floor. It isn’t quite as simple as grabbing the handles and rolling forward and back. You must maintain proper posture throughout the movement. The back should stay straight, be careful not to bow or arch the lower back, which can lead to injury.

Keep your core engaged as you roll forward while keeping your arms almost completely straight, but do not lock your elbows out. Then roll back to the starting position. To roll back properly, do not pull and bend at the back, you should think about trying to bring your hands to your knees. Doing it in this manner forces the abdomen to do the work, and not the back. The wheel will glide back to the starting position with ease.

You can also use the wheel while doing a plank. Hold the wheel in the plank position for 30 seconds for a challenging stabilization exercise.

Working your way towards that six pack

As you progress in your ability to complete the movement, continue going farther forward than before, until your hips almost touch the ground when your body is fully extended. Once you have mastered this, you can move on to the standing roll out. This movement is for the most advanced and requires a ton of abdominal strength. Start in the same manner as before, but instead of going from the knees, roll all the way down from your feet. If you can master this then you will have an ultra strong six pack that is unrivaled by others.

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