Exercise Without Using an Elliptical, Treadmill, or Weights

Looking for quick easy ways to lose weight in 2017? The bad news is that there is no easy way to shed those pounds unless you’re prepared to do some form of exercise, but the good news is that there are plenty of super fun ways to exercise and lose weight.

If you have fun while you get fit, not only will it not feel like a chore, but you will want to keep on exercising. This article shows you how.

Ways To Exercise – Get into Zumba®

Aerobics classes and gyms may be intimidating for many people, but one of the best, most exhilarating ways to exercise is to Zumba®! Created by Columbian-born “Beto” Perez, in the mid-‘90s, Zumba® combines easy-to-follow dance moves with hypnotic Latin rhythms to create a calorie-burning, energizing fitness routine that doesn’t feel like hard exercise at all.

Participants find they are hooked after only a couple of classes and if you are completely out of condition or lacking in co-ordination, there are complete beginner classes, meaning anyone can join in a Zumba® “fitness-party.”

Lose Belly Fat

If you want to shed some of those pounds from around your stomach, an enjoyable way to lose belly fat is to invest in a mini trampoline. You can do gentle bounces on a rebounder trampoline while you watch your favorite TV show or while listening to music with a strong beat and burn that belly fat as you bounce.

If stationary jumping sounds like it might get a little boring, why not try pogo jogging? People of any age and fitness can jog, hop or jump wearing space-age looking shoes with a large spring underneath, called Kangoo Jumps. Just put on some energizing music with a great beat, like Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster album, and get fit doing some pogo jogging.

Finish off your rebound exercise with some gentle stomach crunches on a fitness ball; a sure way to tone muscles around that belly fat area and easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

Homemade Fitness Accessories

Do you need to strengthen weak muscles in arms and legs but you’re too self-conscious to join a gym or you know that you will waste that membership fee when you give up after a few weeks? Why not make some homemade fitness accessories to build up strength before taking up Zumba or pogo jogging?

The Best Ways to Lose Weight are Fun

It’s easy to pile on the pounds, especially over the holiday season, but often very difficult to lose all that weight. So find some fun ways to exercise in 2017 like joining a Zumba® class or doing some rebounder exercise to music. If you feel energized and eager for more each time you work-out, it’s surely one of the best ways to lose weight.

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