Former Colts Punter Pat McAfee Is Training to Become a Professional Wrestler


After becoming one of the best-known punters in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts for eight years, Pat McAfee retired after the 2016 season. The part-time comedian left the league to entertain people, joining Barstool Sports. Now McAfee is trying to follow another lifelong dream of his—to become a professional wrestler. RELATED: Top 5 Times a Kicker Destroyed the Returner With a Huge Hit Before being drafted in 2009, McAfee wanted to become a wrestler. "If it wasn't for finding out that my right leg could kick a ball really far, which is what I did, I am 100 percent certain that I would be attempting to be or would be a professional wrestler," McAfee told the IndyStar back in January. He even got a chance to get in the ring before he was drafted, going up against a man named "Warpig." Although his agent was vehemently against it, McAfee couldn't resist. [youtube video="pK0ovk09T3E" /] Now that his football career is over, McAfee has time to train to become a professional wrestler. The 30-year-old is now training with wrestling legend Rip Rogers, and he looks like he's in great shape. [instagram src="https://www.instagram.com/p/BU11Bv3laLC/?taken-by=patmcafeeshow"] [instagram src="https://www.instagram.com/p/BU9smxdlyEs/?taken-by=patmcafeeshow"] [instagram src="https://www.instagram.com/p/BVCoohbluW1/?taken-by=patmcafeeshow"] McAfee's NFL career set him up with a perfect wrestling name: "The Boomstick." He can do a high kick as his finishing move, like in the video above. He could even bring some of the celebrations he used to do on the field to the ring. [youtube video="S3DWD2yTYas" /] [youtube video="-n1xxsdSUBA" /] READ MORE:

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