LeBron James Has a Brand New Workout Toy: The VersaClimber


LeBron James VersaClimber LeBron James is skipping the 2016 Summer Olympics, but that doesn't mean he's resting. Fresh off his yachting vacation with BFFs Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade, LeBron is back home in the States getting after it as he gets an early start preparing for the Cleveland Cavaliers' title defense. [instagram src="https://www.instagram.com/p/BHm1pkeh299/"] LeBron posted a video of himself getting in a workout on his newly purchased VersaClimber, and the dude is already in love. "Me and my girlfriend!! All I need. Versa Climber is her name. #LoveHer #BackAtIt #StriveForGreatness," LeBron wrote in the video's caption as Future blasts  in the background. RELATED: Why the VersaClimber is the Next Big Thing in Training Equipment  The VersaClimber is an exercise machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing. To use it, you grab the handles, insert your feet in the pedals and start climbing. If you set the resistance at a high level, it becomes a slower, more grueling climb, and the VersaClimber becomes a strength machine. Set the resistance at a lower level, and it's a cardio beast. Perhaps Kevin Durant's flight to the west coast to join the Golden State Warriors has lit a fitness fire under LeBron.

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