Michael Jordan Prefers Blake Griffin to LeBron James for ‘Space Jam’ Sequel


SPACE JAM 2 The 1996 film Space Jam is, in many ways, a perfect movie. It's got aliens, cartoons, Bill Murray, basketball, a bumping soundtrack and, of course, Michael Jordan. The film wracked up $230 million at the box office and became a cultural touchstone for any kid born in the late 80s or early 90s. A sequel to Space Jam has long been rumored, and recent reports connected LeBron James to the project. Though a Space Jam sequel is still a long way off, the prospect of seeing King James hooping alongside classic Looney Tunes characters backed by the Quad City DJ's is certainly exciting. However, Jordan himself doesn't believe LeBron is the best person for the role. RELATED: LeBron Reveals The One Retired Player He Wishes He Could've Played With Most At a recent basketball camp, MJ was asked whom he'd most like to see star in Space Jam 2. His answer? Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin: We can't really blame Jordan for this one. After all, Griffin is signed with Jordan Brand and he has displayed excellent comedic acting chops in several commercials. He can also throw down dunks that look like the product of Hollywood special effects: [youtube video="B8gPDvjpZxk"] RELATED: Blake Griffin's High-Flying Workout

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