Perform the V-Stance Drill to Skate Faster


Perform the V-Stance Drill to Skate Faster The V­-Stance Drill teaches hockey players how to find their maximal range of motion for knee bend and depth of center of gravity for an optimal skating stance. Begin by turning your skates at an outward angle, keeping your heels together. Push your shinpads forward against the tongues of your skate boots, and sit your hips back in a deep, half­ squat position. Engage your core, and when ready, begin skating forward. The drill forces you to maintain the same depth through your lower body while in motion. It can be progressed by beginning in the V­-Stance position, reacting to a whistle blast and accelerating forward as quickly as possible while maintaining the same deep skating stance. A puck can be added for neural stimulus. Common errors included a skater's hip position rising quickly, losing depth of center, or the upper torso losing optimal posture, with the shoulders rounding forward or back slouching. Keep your shoulders retracted and your core engaged to ensure proper spinal alignment during the forward skating stride. READ MORE: [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf]

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