Preparing for the Heat: Tips for a Summertime Six Pack

The Secret to the Summer Six Pack

Unfortunately, there is no quick method to a summer six pack, but fortunately, it is quite possible to achieve with a little hard work. It is because of this that the summer six pack is the ultimate symbol of physical attraction that it is so coveted. The secret to the summer six pack approaches abs training in a new way, a method that renders the common crunch sit-up routine a thing of the past for obtaining the coveted summer six pack.

Whether or not they are visible, the rectus abdominis, or abs, are present in every individual, and in order to have a killer summer six pack, it is not so much a matter of building the muscles as it is to find them.

The first step to gain a summer six pack is to understand how it was lost in the first place. It all starts on the first cool October day, usually the first day a pair of sweats become a tempting option. With the onset of cooler weather, the body responds by putting aside more calories as fat stores, in anticipation of a harsh winter, thereby ruining the perfect summer six pack.

The caloric requirements the body expects, and puts away as fat stores (and continued putting away through the entirety of the cold weather) remains intact into the warmer spring months, and the individual is left not with a summer six pack, but a distinctive tire tummy.

The Six Pack and Metabolism

Fear not, all is not lost. The summer six pack remains intact beneath the tire tummy amassed over the course of the winter. The only thing left to do to achieve a summer six pack is to lose the tire.

Metabolism is the key at this point. Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories. People with low metabolisms require fewer calories than those with high metabolisms, and usually eat less. In order to win the coveted summer six pack from the battle of the bulge, metabolism must be raised.

Easy Ab Training

Unfortunately in order to raise metabolism and expend calories, the body must be stimulated in this manner, and the body must be put to work. However, just because the body is working doesn’t mean one must also. For example, eating several small meals throughout the day (opposed to the cultural three) activates the digestive system with greater frequency, making the summer six pack a more realistic vision. The same goes for water: Drinking the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses per day will have the same effect. For those dying for the summer six pack, try icy beverages to increase this effect.

Although these methods are effective in boosting metabolism, they are most effective used in conjunction with physical activity. Activity doesn’t mean running marathons or triathlons. Being active can be as simple as taking a walk with friends, playing a game of tennis, basketball, or ping pong, and yes, even having sex counts as being active. Any activity will help to bring about a faster summer six pack.

Six Pack Diet

Because the goal is to lose weight, in order to obtain the summer six pack, calories must be cut. However, drastic reductions need not take place. These reductions can be as simple as a salad instead of French fries, or lean meat instead of a hamburger. Most importantly, vegetables should be supplemented for starchy carbs, and lean meats for fattier ones.

The truth of the matter is that achieving the coveted summer six pack isn’t something reserved for models, actors, and professional athletes, but something that any committed individual can achieve, and then show off in the summer sun!


Photo by Riordan King

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