Skylar Diggins’ Sand Workout is No Joke


The WNBA is in the midst of an Olympic break, a month-long pause in the season while a handful of its players join Team USA to compete in Rio. But Dallas Wings point guard Skylar Diggins is doing anything but resting. [instagram src="https://www.instagram.com/p/BIdGW6pBapc/"] Diggins posted to her Instagram a recent workout involving sand, mini-hurdles, cones, a basketball and running down an airborne lacrosse ball like an NFL wide receiver. She begins by standing shoulder to shoulder with a friend, as if she were boxing out for a rebound; then she spins around, hops over the mini-hurdle, runs a half circle around a series of cones, receives a pass and mimics shooting a jumper. She finishes the drill by immediately sprinting the other way and tracking down the lacrosse ball, which she snags in a dead sprint. If any other WNBA players were planning on kicking their feet up and taking a prolonged break, this video may make them re-evaluate things.

Skylar Diggins

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