Tom Brady Goes a Perfect 25-for-25 in Patriots’ Intrasquad Scrimmage, Talks a Ton of Trash


Tom Brady Will 2016 be the year Tom Brady finally stops playing like an elite quarterback? His age, the stress of Deflategate, the Swiss cheese O-line—will all that be enough to knock TB12 off his game? Here's the short answer—no. Brady played at an MVP-caliber level last season, and there's no reason to believe he won't do the same in 2016 after he returns from his four-game suspension. If you need reassurance, look at his stat line from the Patriots' intrasquad scrimmage today: Scrimmage or not, carving up a defense with a 25-for-25 passing performance is some damn fine quarterbacking. If Brady was this fired up for a scrimmage, can you imagine how pumped he'll be for his first game back after suspension? Send your thoughts and prayers to the Cleveland Browns. How is the 39-year-old Brady still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL? A lot of it has to do with his unique approaches to training and nutrition. Read more about Brady's regimen:

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