Watch 5-Foot-9 Isaiah Thomas Throw Down a Ferocious Windmill Dunk


As long as he's been in the NBA, it's hard to recall an instance of Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas throwing down an in-game dunk. This is largely due to the diminutive star standing just 5-foot-9, making him as much as a foot shorter than the game's highest-flying dunkers. However, Thomas also happens to be one of the most explosive athletes in all pro sports. If you look back at his pre-NBA record, Thomas is quite a capable dunker. The former Washington Husky famously won a college dunk contest against his teammates when he leapt over a much taller player to jam one home. It's pretty incredible. [youtube video="mTjXaD0lOP0" /] Thomas also dunked in a game while a member of the Huskies. It's abundantly clear that he possesses the hops to soar above the rim. There's video evidence of Thomas dunking in the lay-up line during warmups in the NBA, but the latest video posted to Thomas's Instagram account blows anything he's previously done out of the water. [instagram src="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ8ko0wgeUH"] Thomas throws the ball up to himself, then effortlessly elevates himself into the air after catching the basketball for a textbook left-handed windmill slam. That probably would've won the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and that's no joke. A lot of people have told Thomas that he can't do something during his basketball career. You can remove "dunk" from that list for good. RELATED: You'll Never Guess What Player Isaiah Thomas Modeled His Game After

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